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The 8gadgetpack comes with up to 55 windows desktop gadgets that allow you to conveniently manage some regular tasks on your pc.

If at some point in time you have used a Windows operating system, you might have come across the famous windows gadgets, which included simple desktop tools such as weather applets, calendars, clocks, currency converters, CPU monitors, ready to install or drag to the desktop. Later versions of Windows operating system lack these features, but the 8GadgetPack is a product that brings back these features to add convenience to windows 7 or later.


8GadgetPack Overview

In essence, the 8GadgetPack comes with up to 55 windows desktop gadgets that allow you to conveniently manage some regular tasks on your pc. You can manage your appointments and to-do lists using a separate easily customizable calendar gadget, sticky notes, and Agenda Ronnie right from your desktop, view clocks with different time zone settings using the Microsoft time gadget from which you can set crucial alarms or schedule timers, and easily monitor important system metrics such as RAM and CPU usage from a simple CPU meter. Additionally, you can easily access weather information from the weather gadgets such as My Weather, MSN, Chameleon Weather and more. More so, launching apps or specific files and folders as well as visiting certain internet links becomes easier.

When it comes to financials, you have access to various currency converters such as Microsoft Currency and Currency Meter. You can easily get information about your CPU drives and networks from drive monitors and GPU meter. With the 8gadgetpack, you can also manage your files and folders for conveniently from the launch control, app launcher and recycle bin gadgets. Other equally important gadgets in the 8gadgetpack include Google Mail, Reminder, slideshow, clipboarder, iBattery, system power, (ShutdownRestart), unit converter, volume control, picture puzzle, MiniRadio, feed headlines and much more.


8GadgetPack Features

Calendars, Appointments and Schedulers

  • Agenda
  • Custom Calendar
  • Glass Calendar
  • Reminder
  • Microsoft Calendar
  • Sticky Notes
  • Sticky Notes Online

System Monitoring Gadgets

  • All CPU Meter
  • App Launcher
  • Clipboarder
  • Control System
  • Microsoft CPU Meter
  • DriveInfo
  • Multi Meter
  • Drives Monitor
  • Drives Meter
  • GPU Meter
  • Glassy Network Monitor
  • Glassy CPU Monitor
  • Network Monitor II
  • Network Meter
  • Remove Drive Safely
  • System Monitor II
  • Top Process Monitor

Weather Applets

  • Chameleon Weather
  • My Weather
  • MSN Weather
  • WeatherCenter
  • Weather Meter

Time and Clocks

  • Microsoft Clock
  • Digiclock
  • FlipClock
  • HUD Time

Converters and Currency Gadgets

  • Microsoft Currency
  • Currency Meter
  • Unit Converter


  • Desktop Feed Reader
  • Microsoft Feed Headlines

Files and Documents Management

  • Launch Control
  • Recycle Bin
  • Application launcher


  • MiniRadio
  • Volume Control
  • Microsoft Picture Puzzle
  • Microsoft Slide Show

Power and Shutdown

  • Power Status
  • iBattery
  • ShutdownRestart

Search and Mail Gadgets

  • 7Sidebar
  • Google Mail
  • searchALL Gadget
  • Top Five
  • POP3 Mail Checker


  • The product comprises of more than 50 gadgets for convenience.
  • The program is easy to install, fast and easy to use.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Depending on the system specifications, the program may fail to auto start along with windows boot up.
  • A few users had some issues with the clock and weather apps
  • Depending on the program version, compatibility may be limited to windows 8.1 and 10

Final Verdict

For lovers of windows gadgets that come with a lot of convenience in conducting and monitoring various tasks and operations, the 8GadgetPack is a must try. It is available for free download here.


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7



Last updated:

2016-02-07 19:19:39


Helmut Buhler


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File size:

19.6 MB





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